No blog entry this week…

Apologies. Hopefully will be back to normal next Monday.


11 Responses to “No blog entry this week…”

  1. John Miller Says:

    It’s been nearly 8 weeks!!!
    Im very dissapointed in you ant… 🙂

  2. Andrew Says:

    Another week without a blog update. What will I ever do with all my extra time. hahaha

  3. Andrew Says:

    Yeah, you suck Mellella!

    *clicks notify of site updates*

  4. Watcher Says:

    Come on Ant, get your act together, turn of WOW, put the new girl down and UPDATE THIS BLOG!!!

  5. Sad Fan Says:

    I know this probably isn’t the best place to ask but, is there anywhere to still watch your youtube let’s plays and Charlie Brooker videos? I understand that you’re moving on but would still like to watch them for old times sake. Take care

  6. Watcher Says:

    Pleeeeeeeeease write another blog entry!!!!!

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  8. John Miller Says:


  9. John Miller Says:

    Ant, this is getting silly!

  10. Andrew Says:

    It’s all good man, he made a quick comeback to his lp’s for a bit to tie us over for a couple more years. XD

  11. John Miller Says:

    Nearly 7 years now Ant! I think an update is a little overdue 🙂

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